Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is That a Permanent Revolution in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?: The Erotic Art of Sergei Eisenstein

After meeting with James Joyce in Paris to discuss a film version of Ulysses, Russian cinema pioneer & master propagandist, Sergei Eisenstein, headed to America to meet with Jesse Lasky from Paramount Pictures. This worked out about as well as you'd imagine & Eisenstein wandered down to Mexico with $100,000 & spent the rest of his life trying, like Orson Welles, to make the singular masterpiece that always -- from his perspective at least -- eluded him. Most of these erotic sketches were created either during this period or during the very decadent planning stages of  the visually ecstatic Ivan the Terrible. They, of course, show the influence of Picasso, Cocteau's opium drawings & the Surrealists in general. All this dismemberment, recreational sodomy, fetishism, sado-masochism, mordant humor & altogether feverish POV pretty much shouts horny genius. My favorite kind of genius, by the way. 



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