Saturday, November 17, 2012

From Atlas of Legal Medicine by Eduard von Hofmann (1898)

Abnormal Post-Mortem Lividity
Agonal Injuries of the Face
Infant Death
Manners of hanging oneself 
Body After Long Immersion in Water

Burned Body
Burns Produced By Flames
Cervix & Uterus Just After Parturition
Close-Range Gunshot Wound in the Region of the Heart
Encircling Gunshot Wound

Fracture of the Base of the Skull with Hematoma
Fracture of the Base of the Skull
Fracture of the Skull from a Fall

Fungus Formation on a Cadaver Found in Water
Methods of Suicide By Hanging
Healed Contusions of the Brain
Suicide By Hanging
Infant Lysol Poisoning
Kidney After Poisoning
Left Hand of a Drowned Day-Laborer Whose Body Remained in the Water 24 Hours
Left Hand of a Drowned Person Whose Body Had Remained in Running Water  for Several Weeks

Mummified Cadaver
Murder the Result of Various Injuries Committed with Various Objects
Newly Born Child Dead of Suffocation

A Poisoning
A Poisoning
A Poisoning
Poisoning By Charcoal Fumes
A Poisoning
Punctured Incised Wounds To the Left Hand Received in Self-Defense
Recent Contusions of the Brain
Respiratory Organs of a Full-Term Infant Suffocated at Birth
Suicide Hanging While Kneeling

Spontaneous Rupture of the Uterus
Stomach After Poisoning
Suicide By Shot With a Hunting Rifle
Suicide By Cutting the Throat
Suicide By Hanging
Suicide By Swallowing Carbolic Acid

Suicide by Hanging
Traumatic Extra-Dural Hematoma
Triple Injury to the Small Intestine Produced By Stabbing
Tubal Pregnancy

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