Wednesday, March 6, 2013

At Home With Kim Novak - Playboy, 1965


Anonymous said...

Ohh HuffPo would be sooooo excited by her showing Sideboob!!!!

This is what I remember from growing up and sneaking a peak at Playboy, long bare backs and that little bit of what is now so gleefully called "sideboob". I guess I still find that sexy as an old man.

Anonymous said...

She was a real Lady.. i was a stable boy at Sue SallyHales and i knew her husband prior to thier meeting. I even worked with Bob Malloy when he did side wotrk with Dr. Craig in Monterey. She sighed my yearbook in 1968 PGHS. Only famous person I ever met or got an autograph from.. . She was a very Kind Lady, and I thought she was a very beautiful person within. Like you at age 63 the old Playboy Pics were the Best....After sighning my year book I never looked at another Playboy..I hope she is well...Rick SAWYER,