Friday, April 19, 2013

"To the Mirror I Have Committed My Last Image" - Diva Dolorosa (Peter Delpeut,1999)

You who find this letter, you should know that my hapless wanderings live on in you. We have known passion, that flower of evil & people will hate us for it. To the mirror I have committed my last image. If you are recognized, it will break.

Diva Dolorosa is a haunting, funereal collage, constructed from pieces of Italian silent film masterpieces The Naked Truth (1914), Blue Blood (1914), Satan's Rhapsody (1920), Flower of Evil (1915), The Fire (1916), Malombre (1917), The Clemenceau Affair (1917), Caino (1918), Carnevalesca (1918), A Doll Wife (1919), La Piovra (1919), A Woman's Story (1920) & Tigre Reale (1916). 

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