Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Old Bag, Europe

Pierre Dubreuil, Paris, 1908
Sabine Weiss - Port de Vanves, Paris, 1953
Paris, Vert Galant on a Fall Afternoon, 1963
Charles Negre - Henri Le Secq, Notre Dame de Paris, 1853
Painter Gustave Caillebotte & his dog in front of the Louvre, 1876

It is I who sings with a voice still caught up in the babbling of elements. It is sweet to be a piece of wood a cork a drop of water in the torrential flood of the end and of the new beginning. It is sweet to doze off in the shattered heart of things. I no longer have any sort of thirst. My sword made from a shark’s-tooth smile is becoming terribly useless. My mace is very obviously out of season and out of play. Rain is falling. It is a crisscross of rubble, it is a skein of steel for reinforced concrete, it is an incredible stowage of the invisible by first-rate ties, it is a branchwork of syphilis, it is the diagram of a brandy bender, it is the graphic representation of a seismic floodtide, it is a conspiracy of dodders, it is the nightmare’s head impaled on the lance point of a mob mad for peace and for bread.
-Aimé Césaire

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