Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fred W. McDarrah (1926 - 2007) -- Warhol's Factory, Stonewall, VU, Robert Kennedy, Susan Sontag, Tennessee Williams, Candy Darling, Woody Allen, Ed Sanders...

Susan Sontag
Alice Neel with Portrait of Warhol After He was Shot, October 16, 1970
Andy Warhol Behind Projections Upstairs at The Dom Polski, Velvet Underground Concert, 1966
Bring Our Black G.I.s Home, August 6, 1966

Candy Darling on David Susskind TV Show, , December 7, 1970
Demonstrators in Front of Stonewall Inn, Christopher Street, June 29, 1969
Edward & Susan Avedisian Dancing at Loft Party. Andy Warhol Talking with Margerette Lampkin, April 21, 1964
Frank O'Hara & Others at Cedar Tavern Closing, March 30, 1963
Gerard Malanga Reading Poetry in Warhol's Loft During the Filming of Camp, October 30, 1965
Ed Sanders August 6, 1966,
Pop Artists Assemble at Factory Party -- Tom Wesselmen, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, April 21, 1964
Robert Kennedy in Slum Apartment, May 8, 1967
Tennessee Williams

Woody Allen, Molly Haskell & Andrew Sarris, Armory Party, February 22, 1978

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