Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stan VanDerBeek

From Six Film Stills, 1957 - 65

A La Mode, 1959
A La Mode, 1959
A La Mode, 1958

Collage from See Saw Seams, 1964
A La Mode, 1958

Breathdeath Film Still, 1963
Collage from A La Mode, 1958

Breathdeath, 1963
Untitled (Facescapes), 1964-65
See Saw Seams, 1965
Cinema Now, No. 1 (1968)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Charles, for this group of primal and striking collaged images by Stan VanDerBeek. I knew of some of his work, but not these, so it is a treat to see them. - Pete Lekousis